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The Best High-Interest Savings Accounts and GICs

There are many reasons Canadians set aside funds for safe, risk-free growth including: saving for a big ticket item (house, car, wedding, or vacation), unexpected expenses (aka life happens), retirement, or peace of mind. Whatever the reason, WhatBank helps you decide where to put your money.

Placing your savings in a separate “bucket” (a high-interest savings account or a GIC) from your day-to-day money helps you reach your savings goal because you are less likely to spend it.

To help you, WhatBank tracks and makes it easy to compare the rates of many of Canada’s providers of high-interest savings accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).

Rates are automatically updated daily. Rather than receiving a weekly email you choose the rates that are relevant to you and only get notified when they change.

Personalized Notifications to Your Inbox

WhatBank keeps you informed about interest rates that matter to you. If you want to know who has the best high-interest savings account, we’ll let you know every time that changes. If you want to know when your bank changes its GIC rates, we’ll tell you.

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Check out the current summary of high-interest savings rates below or view interactive tables of Canada’s best high-interest savings rates and GICs.

The Best High-Interest Savings Rate in Canada

These are the best non-promotional rates WhatBank can find.

The summary always includes at least one company that is insured with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, a federal Crown corporation CDIC. Credit unions, if shown, are insured with the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba DGCM or with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario FSRA.

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