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Top GIC Rates for 1-5yr Terms

The table below shows the rates for GICs from many of Canada’s banks. The majority of Canadians keep their money with the six largest banks. Because these banks don’t need your money, they offer relatively low interest rates. You can do better!

To see the top GIC rates for each term from one to five years, click on the 1y, 2y, 3y, 4y, or 5y, and the column will automatically sort. Below the table is a graph where you can see how an individual financial institution’s (FIs) GIC rates change as a GIC’s length of time to maturity, or term, increases. This is called a yield curve. You can compare yield curves between FIs by selecting up to five from the check box to the left of their name in the table.

About The Table
Insured by column (Insurance) who guarantees your money if anything happens to your bank or credit union
CDIC CDIC — the Federal Government. Some of the companies that WhatBank tracks are not independent of one another in the eyes of the CDIC. The result is that you may inadvertently exceed the maximum coverage limit. For more information see CDIC Coverage. Then go to the CDIC site, which is quite good.
DGCM DGCM — the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba
FSRA FSRA — Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario
Column is sortable Click the name of any column to sort it